Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Awesome Giveaway: Children of the 90s

...Do you ever get the feeling that as of late I've been piggybacking on other, more talented bloggers' original ideas (and sweet giveaways) rather than taking the time to come up with posts of my own? Well, you'd be right- but how can I not when there are so many truly fantastic blogs out there devoted to awesome things?

One such blog is Children of the 90s, a must-have in the Favorites list of every 20-or-30-something's Internet Explorer. Children of the 90s examines one freakin' sweet book, TV show, food item, or pop-culture phenomenon of that last great decade of the 20th century. Since most of us grew up on Goosebumps, Baby-Sitters Club, and Clarissa Explains it All, we can truly relish all the nostalgia and fun this blog has to offer.

Today, as a special treat, the proprietor of the Children of the 90s blog is giving away an awesome prize pack featuring Rainbow Nerds, a couple of Goosebumps books, and a Pete and Pete DVD collection, among other fabulous 90s-centric goodies. RUN, don't walk to right now (or simply click the Children of the 90s link under my Favorite Blogs list) to check out this amazing blog and participate in the giveaway. Happy Friday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

NTKOG iPod Nano Giveaway!!

I wanted to take a second to let my loyal and awesome readers (both of you) know about a fellow blogger who is about 1000 times more awesome than I'll probably ever be at a)keeping her blog current and b) writing about entertaining and highly interesting things. NTKOG (stands for Not That Kind of Girl) is performing her own little social experiment by trying 250 new things she never thought she was "that kind of girl" to do. This week, as an added bonus, she's giving away a brand-new 8GB iPod Nano that she actually won whilst doing one of these uncharacteristic things- getting noticed for her wild and wacky dance moves at a sporting event via Jumbotron. She's one of my fave bloggers and it's about time I gave mad props to someone else in the blog biz on my own humble little blog here. (especially since, as I mentioned, her blog is only a few hundred times awesomer than anything you're going to find on here...) OK, enough self deprecation- go check her out!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oh, for shame! I haven't posted since November-AND it was about Twilight. Feel free to hit me with a virtual, pixellated dead fish, because that's what I deserve.

I had a great post all lined up about Anastasia Krupnik, but my undiagnosed ADD got the better of me and I stopped writing it halfway through. I think it's because it was actually even better now, reading it as an adult, than it was when I was a kid, and it's really no fun to write a book review of something you can't snark about. I'll try harder next time.

For now, let's see- what's going on? Well, I'm 30 now. Whee! That happened last Sunday. It was great! Oh my God, I am boring even myself with this post. Sorry, and I'll be back soon with something actually entertaining. Swear!!